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Attention all book lovers! We are thrilled to announce the arrival of a mesmerizing new audiobook on our website. Introducing Messenger, a literary masterpiece crafted by the renowned author Lois Lowry. Prepare to be transported into a world of imagination and wonder as you delve into this captivating tale.

But that’s not all! We’ve teamed up with the incredibly talented narrator David Morse to bring the characters to life with his skillful storytelling. With a runtime of 3 hours and 44 minutes, this audiobook is the perfect companion to keep you engaged wherever you go.

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Are you looking for an exciting audiobook to listen to? Look no further than Messenger – Giver Quartet #3 by Lois Lowry. And guess what? You can get this captivating audiobook for free! In this audiobook, we follow the journey of Matty, a young boy who possesses a unique healing power. However, he is struggling to understand how to control this gift in a society that is falling apart. As more citizens attempt to close the borders, Matty finds himself in a difficult position.

One of the challenges Matty faces is the transformation of the once beautiful Forest into a dark and unpassable place. When Seer, the person who takes care of Matty, asks for his help to retrieve her daughter from the Forest before the borders close, Matty must summon the courage to journey through this dangerous terrain.

Matty has come a long way from his troubled past as a troublemaker with a dysfunctional home. Since arriving in the village, he has found a home and a sense of belonging. Living with Seer, a blind man, Matty has become like a son to him and helps with various household tasks.

During a mysterious journey to the Forest, Matty encounters a young frog. Though scared of the animal, he feels compelled to seek it out. Along the way, he hears a haunting melody that fills him with sadness. But it is not until he stumbles upon the body of a Gatherer entangled in the branches of the Forest that he realizes the true danger it poses.

Despite its mysterious nature, the Forest has always allowed Matty to pass through safely, providing him with sustenance along the way. This special ability leads the community to unofficially dub him as their messenger. Now, Matty’s dream is to become the official messenger of the community.

“Messenger” also introduces us to Ramon, Matty’s friend, who boasts about his family’s new gaming machine. Intrigued, Matty asks Seer for one, but Seer disapproves of the Trade Mart where the machine can be obtained.

Listen to this amazing audiobook to discover how Matty finally achieves his dream and becomes the official Messenger of the community. Don’t forget to visit to get your free audiobook copy of Giver Quartet #3: Messenger Audiobook mp3 by Lois Lowry. So why wait? Download this thrilling story to your device now!

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